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"Being able to watch my NHL games has seriously been a gift. I have satellite and I still can't always find the games I want. Now, I just log on to Watch Live NHL because they always come through for me with top quality video links.!"

Charlie Picks, Alberta, Canada.

"I used to try to find free games online that were streaming when I wanted to watch some hockey, but I have found that the service provided by this site is much clearer and easier to use than the other services without worrying about a bunch of fake links."

Dave Eddington, Charleston, NC.

"Where I live I can't always get access to live NHL games, but I am a big fan of hockey and I am so glad that I found this site. It is so easy to connect and get set up with a game, and the best part is, I can still find a stream when I'm traveling. "

Bailey Knarr, New Zealand.

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