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Winnipeg Jets                          Columbus Blue Jackets
Wednesday 21st September 00:00 - 03:00 GMT


This week we see the return of the National Hockey League, with games happening starting on Monday. There are actually four to start the season, as these teams prepare for the chance to come out on top, and the Bruins prepare to defend their title, beating the Canucks last year in the Stanley Cup Final. On Tuesday, September 20th, the Winnipeg Jets take on the Columbus Blue Jackets at 7:00PM. There are several other 7:00PM games and then a bunch later on that evening including three at 9:00PM and two an hour later.


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Left wing Andrew Ladd is the points leader for the Jets, having earned a total of 59 last season. The Jets are holding onto fourth in the Southeast Division Standings. They won 34 games last season and lost 36, earning a total of 80 points. As for the Blue Jackets, they are hoping to improve their record from last season, having ended up in fifth in the Central Division standings, 34 games won and 35 lost, with a total of 81 points earned. Sign up at the links on this page and get your subscription. You will be able to watch live NHL online all season long.


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Posted: 21st September 2011

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