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Washington Capitals                          Tampa Bay Lightning
Wednesday 1st February 00:30 - 03:30 GMT


Tuesday, January 31st, the Tampa Bay Lightning will face the Washington Capitals at 7:30PM, one of six games that feature one of the top three teams in either the Eastern or Western Division. They are all playing on Tuesday, in six separate games. Our featured game between Washington and Tampa Bay will commence at 7:30PM, and after that at 9:00PM, the Detroit Red Wings and the Calgary Flames face off. The last two games of the day are also featured games, one between Chicago and Vancouver and the other at 10:30PM between Columbus and San Jose.

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Right now the Washington Capitals take third in the Eastern Conference with 55 points. They have won 26 out of 48 games this season so far, and have nineteen regular losses and three in overtime. The Tampa Bay Lightning are much further down in the Eastern Conference, in thirteenth place right now with 21 wins and 27 losses and just 46 points. If you want to watch all the action live from your computer or mobile device, all you have to do is click on the banners to get access to live streaming hockey online from anywhere.

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Posted: 1st February 2012

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