Washington Capitals v New York Islanders Live

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Washington Capitals                          New York Islanders
Sunday 6th November 00:00 - 03:00 GMT


On Saturday, November 5th, there are a total of eleven games to be played, and seven of them are played at 7:00PM. They include Boston at Toronto, Buffalo at Ottowa and Winnipeg at New Jersey as well as Columbus at Philly. There is also game scheduled to be played at 8:00PM between the St. Louis Blues and the Minnesota Wild. At 10:00PM, the Phoenix Coyotes will host the Edmonton Oilers and then there are two different games that are scheduled to be played at 10:30, one between Pittsburgh and the LA Kings, and the other with Nashville and San Jose.

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The Washington Capitals are the division leaders in the Southeast right now, having won eight games so far this season, and taking only two losses. That gives them sixteen points and keeps them at the top by two points. New York Islanders recently lost to Winnipeg three to nothing on Thursday. They are in last place right now with five wins, and six losses, three of them in overtime. That gives them thirteen points. If you want to watch live NHL online from your computer then sign up for a subscription at the banners on this page. You will be able to watch hockey all season.

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Posted: 6th November 2011

Hockey Matches Washington Capitals v New York Islanders Live