Washington Capitals v Edmonton Oilers Live

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Washington Capitals                          Edmonton Oilers
Friday 28th October 02:30 - 05:30 GMT


Thursday, October 27th, there are eleven games being played, ranging from the very first at 7:00PM, followed by four other 7:00PM games, to the last one between the New Jersey Devils and the Phoenix Coyotes at 10:00PM. Our featured game is between the Washington Capitals and the Edmonton Oilers and it happens at 9:30PM, but there are other games going on as well, like the first one between the Montreal Canadiens and last year's Stanley Cup Champions the Boston Bruins, who beat the Canucks four games to three to take the title.

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In the Southeast, the Washington Capitals lead right now with an undefeated record of seven wins so far this season. They are followed by Florida and them Tampa Bay. They currently have fourteen points. Edmonton played Vancouver on Tuesday, and the score ended three to two in favor of the Oilers. Now, Edmonton is second on the Northwest Division standings with four wins, two losses and two OTL's with a total of 12 points. Sign up at the banners and get your membership for live access to NHL streams. You will get access to live streaming video from anywhere in the world when you sign up.

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Posted: 28th October 2011

Hockey Matches Washington Capitals v Edmonton Oilers Live