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Vancouver Canucks                          Tampa Bay Lightning
Wednesday 11th January 00:30 - 03:30 GMT


The Tampa Bay Lightning will be hosting the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday, January 10th. This game will be at 7:30PM, one of three games that are being held at that time. All three of the games that will be held at 7:30PM feature at least one top three seed in the two conferences, with St. Louis and Montreal facing off, and the San Jose Sharks taking on the Minnesota Wild. Also, there will be a game at 7:00PM, the first scheduled game of the day, that features the Winnipeg Jets and the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Boston Bruins.

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The Vancouver Canucks are in first place in the standings right now. They have 26 wins and 13 losses, and are two points ahead of the Detroit Red Wings with 55. They have taken three lost games to overtime. As for the Lightning they are 13th right now in the Western, with 17 wins and 20 losses, and three losses that went to overtime. They have 37 points. Sign up now and you can be watching high quality video from your computer or mobile device. All you need to do is click on the links on this page to get started right away.

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Posted: 11th January 2012

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