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Vancouver Canucks                          Phoenix Coyotes
Wednesday 29th February 02:00 - 05:00 GMT


The Phoenix Coyotes host the Vancouver Canucks, who were the runners up in last year's Stanley Cup Finals, winning three games out of the seven, and giving the Boston Bruins the first Stanley Cup win that the team has had in forty years. These two teams go head to head at 9:00PM amidst eight other NHL games, three of them featuring a division leader. The most recent game for the Cancucks was on Sunday, February 26th against Dallas, with the Canucks losing two to three. The Coyotes played the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday and beat them three to one. 

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Vancouver has the top spot in the Western Standings, a two point lead over Detroit in second with 87 points. They have won 40 out of 63 games and have 16 losses, plus seven that they have taken to overtime. They have a 7-1-2 record over the past ten games. Phoenix is third on that table with 73 points, after winning 38 games, losing seventeen and taking 7 more to overtime. You can watch live NHL online from your computer. Just sign up at the banners for your subscription to high quality hockey streams online, live as they happen.


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Posted: 29th February 2012

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