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Thursday 22nd March 00:00 - 03:00 GMT


The Chicago Blackhawks host the Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday, March 21st, with the game happening at 8:00PM. This is one of four games that day that feature one of the divisional leaders of the NHL right now and the Vancouver Canucks are a unique player in this fray because they very nearly won the Stanley Cup last year. It all came down to the last seven games between the Boston Bruins and the Canucks, and Vancouver barely lost it when they ended up winning three games and the Bruins won four, for their first Stanley Cup in forty years.

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The Chicago Blackhawks come in fourth in the Central Division standings right now. They have 40 wins and 25 losses and have played 73 games overall. They have 88 points as well right now. The Vancouver Canucks are leading the Northwest Division with 43 wins and 21 losses, plus eight in overtime, which gives them a point total of 94. All you need to do if you want to watch live NHL games online via your internet connection is to click on the banners that you see on this page and get your subscription.

Posted: 7th November 2011

The Vancouver Canucks take on the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday, November 6th at 7:00PM, one of two games played during that time slot. Remember, the Vancouver Canucks had a very good chance of winning the Stanley Cup last year, but were beaten by the Boston Bruins four games to three in the finals, to everyone's surprise. This was the Bruins first Stanley Cup win in about forty years. Another big game being played on Sunday is between division leader Dallas the Carolina Hurricanes and it will be at 1:30PM Eastern Time.

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Vancouver and Minnesota played on Thursday, and the Wild won that game five to one. Vancouver and Minnesota are both in the Northwest Division standings right now, with the Canucks in fourth with six wins and seven losses, one in overtime. That gives them thirteen points. Minnesota takes second place with fifteen points after winning six. You can watch these teams face off in this match and get access to NHL streams right from your computer anytime you want. Just get your subscription and you will be watching live hockey streams instantly.

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Posted: 22nd March 2012

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