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Tampa Bay Lightning                          Philadelphia Flyers
Sunday 11th December 00:00 - 03:00 GMT


On Saturday, December 10th, there are quite a few games scheduled to be played, as usual for the weekend. The first one is between the Montreal Canadiens and the New Jersey Devils, and it happens at 1:00PM. Our featured game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Philadelphia Flyers is the first scheduled game that day that features a division leader, and the other two are between the Boston Bruins and the Columbus Blue Jackets, which is at 7:00PM just like Tampa Bay and Philly, and then at 8:00PM, Minnesota and Phoenix will face off.

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Right now, Tampa Bay takes fourth in the Southeast Division standings. They have only been able to win twelve games so far, and have sixteen losses. Two of those losses were in overtime, so that gives them twenty six points. In the Atlantic Division, the Philadelphia Flyers are in first with 37 points, a one point lead over Pittsburgh after winning seventeen games, and losing three in overtime. You can watch NHL live online right from your computer or mobile. All you need to do is get a subscription and you'll be able to watch hockey live online.

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Posted: 11th December 2011

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