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St Louis Blues                          Vancouver Canucks
Friday 2nd March 03:00 - 06:00 GMT


While the Boston Bruins face off at 7:00PM in the first scheduled game of the day on Thursday, March 1st, their opponents in the seven game race for the Stanley Cup last year, the Vancouver Canucks, will host the St Louis Blues. The Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins three games to four in 2011, giving them their first Stanley Cup win in forty years. However, both the Canucks and the Bruins have done exceptionally well this year, and we may see yet another match-up just like the one last year. Whether the results will be different, we will have to wait and see.

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The St. Louis Blues come in at second in the Central Division standings. They have 85 points, two away from Detroit in first, and have won 39 out of 63 games. The Blues have a record of 7-3-0 over the last ten and are on a streak of three wins. As for the Canucks, they are also division leaders, this time in the Northwest. They have a 6-1-3 record over the last ten and have 88 points right now and a solid 18 point lead over Colorado. Sign up now at the links that you see on this page and you will get to watch high quality streaming hockey online from anywhere in the world.

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Posted: 2nd March 2012

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