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Tuesday 22nd January 22:00 - 01:00


As the NHL continues with another series of games on Tuesday, January 22nd, the San Jose Sharks and the Edmonton Oilers are going to be playing at 10:00PM Eastern Time, the very last game of the day as we start the brand new season of hockey. There are several other games that are being played that day as well, including the first two on the list that are at 7:00PM, between Winnipeg and Washingon and between Tampa Bay and Carolina. Dallas plays Detroit as well, and St. Louis and Chicago go head to head.

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The San Jose Sharks were 43-29-10 last year overall and they ere 12-11-1 against their own division. This year, they have only played one game so far and ended up losing it, but they were able to grab two points, which puts them in the same spot as Anaheim and Dallas. As for the Edmonton Oilers, they ended up taking 32 wins and 40 losses last year with 10 overtime losses overall. They were 8, 11 and 5 against the Northwest Division. This year, they have won their first game and taken two poitns while Minnesota has two wins and four points.

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On Monday, January 23rd, the Edmonton Oilers take on the San Jose Sharks at 9:30PM, one of two games featuring top three seeds from the Eastern and Western conferences. The other game in question is the 7:30PM game between the St. Louis Blues and the Detroit Red Wings. Also playing on Monday are the New York Islanders and the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Winnipeg Jets with the Carolina Panthers, both at 7:00PM. Then at 8:00PM the Nashville Predators host the Columbus Blue Jackets and Ottawa and The Kings play at 10:30PM.

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The San Jose Sharks are third in the Western Standings right now. They have just 57 points however, the Detroit Red Wings are leading the Western with 65 points. Vancouver is in second with 62. As for the Edmonton Oilers, they are down in fifteen place. They have only been able to win seventeen games and take home a point total of 38 so far. Sign up at the banners and get your membership for access to live NHL online from anywhere in the world. All you need is internet access to be able to watch hockey games online from your computer.

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Posted: 22nd January 2013

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