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San Jose Sharks                          Dallas Stars
Sunday 20th November 01:00 - 04:00 GMT


The Dallas Stars host the San Jose Sharks this weekend on Saturday, November 19th with the game at 8:00PM, sandwiched in between two others that mark the end of the scheduled games that day, as well as three of the six games played that day that feature a division leader. The first one is also an 8:00PM game between St. Louis and the Minnesota Wild and the other the final game of the day at 10:00PM between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Edmonton Oilers. Boston and the New York Islanders also play that day along with Pittsburgh and Florida.

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San Jose takes third in the Pacific Division, which is led at the moment by the LA Kings with Dallas in second. However, San Jose is tied with Phoenix with 21 points. San Jose has ten wins and six losses while Dallas takes their second place spot with 22 points after winning eleven games and losing six, none of them in overtime. Sign up at the links that are above or below you on this page and you can watch live NHL online from anywhere in the world. You will get high quality video right on your computer or mobile.

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Posted: 20th November 2011

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