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Monday 16th January 00:00 - 03:00 GMT


On Sunday, January 15th, the Chicago Blackhawks will host the San Jose Sharks, in a game that will feature a top seed in the conferences of the NHL as we move ever closer to the end of the season. Besides the Chicago and San Jose game, which is scheduled for 7:00PM, there is a game between Los Angeles and Edmonton which happens 8:00PM. Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay will also face off earlier that day at 1:00PM and then the Washington Capitols will host the Carolina Panthers at 5:00PM Eastern time in the second game of the day.

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The Vancouver Canucks are leading the Western Conference right now, but they have 59 points and Chicago takes a close second with 57 points. The Blackhawks have 26 wins so far, with 13 losses and five losses taken to overtime. As for the San Jose Sharks, they will take home 24 wins at this point in the season and take third place with 53 points. Sign up at the banners and you will be able to watch live, high quality streaming NHL online, whenever you want, and from anywhere in the world that you can get internet access.

Posted: 12th December 2011

There are just two games that are scheduled to be played on Sunday, December 11th. One of them is at 7:00PM and it is our featured game, with the San Jose Sharks and the Chicago Blackhawks, hosted in Chicago. The other game will be thirty minutes later and it will be between the Florida Panthers and the New York Rangers. Finally, there is just one game that is scheduled to be played on the following Monday, and is will be at 7:00PM Eastern Time, between the New Jersey Devils and the Tampa Bay Lightning. The San Jose-Chicago game is the only one featuring a division leader.

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The San Jose Sharks are third right now in the Pacific Division standings. They have fifteen wins underneath them and one overtime loss for 31 points, which puts them in a two way tie with the Dallas Stars. Both teams are two points away from Phoenix in first. The Central Division at the top is where we find the Chicago Blackhawks, with 38 points after winning seventeen games. Sign up for your membership and you can watch live streaming NHL online from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is click on the banners on this page and get your membership.

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Posted: 16th January 2012

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