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Sunday 9th October 03:30 - 06:30 GMT


Saturday, October 8th the Phoenix Coyotes and the San Jose Sharks play in the last game of the day at 10:30PM. The Coyotes won a game against the Sharks on Saturday. The Coyotoes beat the Sharks already in the last game that they played. It ended three to one, and happened on Saturday, October 1st. The team had 43 wins last year and a total of 99 points, and ended up with 26 losses and 13 OTL. They are in the Pacific Division at the very bottom this year, with seven games played, three wins and four losses and six points so far.


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San Jose of course lost their most recent game, as it was the one against the Coyotes. They just have one injury on the team right now, Anti Niemi, and they are second on the Pacific table. They have earned ten points so far, and those come from winning five of the six games that they have played. Dallas is in first with six wins out of seven and twelve points. Sign up now at the links on this page and you will get an all access pass to streaming video online from the NHL including this match and all of the matches that will be played this season.


Posted: 25th September 2011


As we begin a brand new season of live NHL, we have a full schedule of games to be played this weekend, with our featured game in San Jose between the San Jose Sharks and the Phoenix Coyotes. This game will happen on Saturday, September 4th, scheduled for 10:30PM, and Anaheim and Vancouver play as well on Saturday, with Vancouver last year's runners up in the Stanley Cup finals. On Sunday, the excitement continues with a game between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadians, with Boston the 2010-2011 Stanley Cup winners.


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Shane Doan was the top performer last year for the Phoenix Coyotes, having earned 60 points, with the Right Wing wearing number 19. That helped put Phoenix right in the third spot in the Pacific Division standings, with a total of 99 points earned. As for the Canucks, they are at the top of the Pacific Division right now, after earning 105 points last year thanks in part to top scorer Patrick Marleau. You can watch live coverage of the NHL all season long, from these preseason games to the Stanley Cup finals this year, when another team will claim the victory.


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Posted: 9th October 2011

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