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Saturday 5th May 00:30 - 03:30 GMT


On Friday, May 4th, the Nashville Predators will host the Phoenix Coyotes in an exciting game at 7:30PM as these two teams go head to head in Game Four of the semifinals of the Western Conference. The most recent game between these two was on Sunday when the Coyotes won with a final score of five to three. The Coyotes actually lead two to nothing as they head into this game, having won both of the previous games. There are no other games on Friday, but Philly and New Jersey, as well as St. Louis and Los Angeles face off in their own series on Thursday.

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Phoenix is in third right now. They have 97 points and 42 wins. They have lost 27 games, plus taken another 13 to overtime. They have won five games in a row and over the last ten games they have a record of 7-1-2. The Nashville Predators are in fourth place. They have earned themselves 104 points at the moment. You can watch live NHL games all year long, from the very beginning to the end of the season. All you have to do is click on the banners and sign up for your subscription to high quality streaming video of live hockey online.

Posted: 3rd May 2012

On Wednesday, May 2nd, the Phoenix Coyotes and the Nashville Predators will face off at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenneseee. This game will be Game Three of the Western Conference Semifinals and right now the Coyotes have won both of the games that have been played in the series so far, so they lead 2-0. There is another game that is scheduled to happen on Wednesday as well, and it is at 7:30PM. This will be Game Three of the Series between the New York Rangers and the Washington Capitals.

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Phoenix comes in at third right now in the Western Conference. They have 82 games played so far, and with 42 wins they have 97 points. They have 27 losses and another 13 that were taken to overtime. The Nashville Predators are in fourth right now with 104 points after winning 48 games of the 82 that they have played. They have won their last three in a row. Sign up at the banners on this site if you want to get access to our member's area where you will be able to watch live video feeds of hockey games all year long with your subscription.

Posted: 14th October 2011

Thursday, October 13th, the Nashville Predators will host the Phoenix Coyotes at 8:00PM. This is one of two 8:00PM games that will be played on Thursday. The other one is between the Edmonton Oilers and the Minnesota Wild and then there are two 8:30PM games that will be the last two played that day. One of those features the Winnipeg Jets and the Chicago Blackhaws and the other game will feature the St. Louis Blues and the Dallas Stars. Other games played earlier that day include Colorado at Ottawa and Vancouver visiting the Detroit Red Wings.

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The Coyotes are unfortunately at the very bottom of the Pacific Division standings. They have had the opportunity to play only one game this season, and ended up losing it to collect no points. Everyone else on the Pacific Division table has won a game and taken home two points. Nashville is second in the Central Division tied for first with Detroit with four points. Click on the banners and get your membership. You will be able to watch live hockey online, from anywhere you live, in high quality video all season long.

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Posted: 5th May 2012

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