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Philadelphia Flyers                          Phoenix Coyotes
Sunday 4th December 01:00 - 04:00 GMT


The Phoenix Coyotes will host the Philadelphia Flyers on Saturday, December 3rd at 8:00PM. This is one of three 8:00PM games, and one of those matches also features a division leader. That one is between the Buffalo Sabres and the Nashville Predators. Then, there are two 7:00PM games that will feature division leaders, one between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins, and the other between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Carolina Hurricanes. The first game of the day is at 3:30PM between the Montreal Canadiens and the Los Angeles Kings.

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Philadelphia is third in the Atlantic Division at the moment, having won thirteen games and taking home twenty nine points. That is actually the same amount of points that New York has, which ties those two for second. The Phoenix Coyotes are second in the Pacific Division right now, with thirteen wins and ten losses, tied with leader Dallas with twenty nine points. You can watch NHL online anytime you want when you sign up for your membership. You will get access to high quality video from anywhere in the world when you get your subscription.

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Posted: 4th December 2011

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