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Philadelphia Flyers                          New Jersey Devils
Friday 4th May 00:30 - 03:30 GMT


On Thursday, May 3rd, the Philadelphia Flyers and the New Jersey Devils will go head to head in the NHL. This game is going to be at 7:30PM and it will happen at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. These two teams are playing in the third game of the Eastern Conference semifinals and right now the Flyers are leading the series 1-0. There is another game that is scheduled to be played that day as well, between the St Louis Blues and the Los Angeles Kings. Those two teams are also playing in Game Three with the Kings ahead 2-0.

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The Philadelphia Flyers are in fifth in the Eastern Conference table right now. 24 wins and 26 losses have given them 103 points so far. They have lost the most recent game that they have played. The Devils are in sixth right now. They have earned 102 points so far, and have won six games in a row. Their record over the last ten is 7-2-1. Click on the links and sign up for a subscription to get instant access to our member's area and high quality video right from your computer or your mobile device, from anywhere in the world.

Posted: 9th October 2011

The New Jersey Devils will hos the Philadelphia Flyers this weekend, on Saturday, October 8th starting at 7:00PM Eastern Time. The Flyers lost to the New Jersey Devils on Saturday, with a final of two to one. They are currently in second on the Atlantic table, with seven games played and four games won. Two of the remaining games were losses and one was an OTL. That gives the team nine points right now, just one less than the current Atlantic Division leader, the Pittsburgh Penguins, who have won every game they have played this season except for one.

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The Devils beat the Philly Flyers by one point on Saturday, which gives them a record of three games for six, with the others straight losses. They have six points right now. The two teams that are following them on the table are both from New York, with the Rangers winning one game out of three, and earning three points, and the Islanders having one win for five. Sign up at the banners and get your membership. All you need for viewing live coverage of this match and NHL all year is a computer and an internet connection.

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Posted: 4th May 2012

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