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Saturday 25th February 00:00 - 03:00 GMT


The New York Rangers take on the New York Islanders at 7:00PM on Friday, February 4th. This game will be part of the six games that are scheduled to be played that day, and three of those six games are ones that do feature a division leader. Of course, one of them is our featured game, but there is another at 7:00PM that features a division leader as well, since four of the six are played at 7:30. That game is between the 2011 Stanley Cup runners-up the Vancouver Canucks and the New Jersey Devils. Boston and Buffalo play at 7:30PM.

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The New York Islanders are in the Eastern Conference, but they are down in the thirteenth spot after winning just 25 of their games. They have lost 27 in regular time and taken 8 to overtime for 58 points. As for the New York Rangers, they are currently in first in the Eastern with 81 points after winning 38 games, losing 20, with five of those being taken to overtime. You can sign up for access to live streaming video online of NHL games from across the nation. All you need is a computer and internet connection to watch high quality video.

Posted: 16th October 2011

On Saturday, October 15th, the New York Islanders face the New York Rangers at 7:00PM Eastern. This is just one of fourteen games played on Saturday, with St. Louis taking on the Anaheim Ducks on Sunday the 16th at 8:00PM. Other 7:00PM games include the Calgary Flames visiting Toronto, the Los Angeles Kings playing the Philadelphia Flyers and the Colorado Avalanche playing at Montreal. Also, there are a couple of 8:00PM games like Columbus at Dallas and Detroit at Minnesota, as well as a game at 8:00PM between The New Jersey Devils and the Nashville Predators.

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The New York Rangers are in the Atlantic Division, taking the very bottom spot with zero wins, no losses and two points that were earned from two different OTLs. Tampa Bay Lightning and the Islanders went head to head recently, and they beat the Lightning five to one. That gives the Islanders the second to last place in the table. You can watch live video from anywhere in the world when you sign up at the banners for a subscription. Just get started today and you'll get access to matches from anywhere around the world.

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Posted: 25th February 2012

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