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New York Islanders                          Washington Capitals
Wednesday 18th January 00:00 - 03:00 GMT


On Tuesday, January 17th, the Washington Capitols will host the New York Islanders. This game will be at 7:00PM, one of six played at that time, and one of four games that features one of the top three seeds in either the Eastern or the Western Conference. The Boston Bruins, which if you were remember, were the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions, will be playing that day as well, against the Tampa Bay Lightning, the two going head to head at 7:30PM, and then at 10:00PM the Los Angeles Kings will take on the Vancouver Canucks, who like the Bruins, were in the finals of the Stanley Cup last year.

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The Washington Capitals are third in the Eastern Conference at the moment. They have won 24 games this season and take home 50 points, which gives them a ten point jump to catch up with the New York Rangers in first place. However, the Islanders are all the way down in 14th in the Eastern Conference with a long way to go to catch up. You can watch live hockey online, including this game and much more right from your computer. All you have to do is sign up at the banners on this page and get your subscription started.

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Posted: 18th January 2012

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