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New York Islanders                          Minnesota Wild
Sunday 18th December 01:00 - 04:00 GMT


The Minnesota Wild host the New York Islanders this week at 8:00PM on Saturday, December 17th. There are three games scheduled to be played on 8:00PM, with our featured game right in the middle. St. Louis and Nashville will play as well during that time slot and the Phoenix Coyotes and the New York Rangers go head to head as well. Then, the Colorado Avalanche will host the Washington Capitals at 9:00PM, with the final game on the schedule between the San Jose Sharks and the Edmonton Oilers at 10:00PM.

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The New York Islanders are in the very last spot in the Atlantic Division, which is currently led by the Philadelphia Flyers. The Islanders have just nine wins so far this season, and have taken six of their losses to overtime for twenty four points. As for the Northwest Division Standings, Minnesota is at the top with twenty wins and twelve losses, with four in OT. That means that they have four four points. Click on the links for your very own subscription and watch live hockey online from anywhere in the world, via your internet connection.

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Posted: 18th December 2011

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