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New Jersey Devils                          Boston Bruins
Friday 2nd March 00:00 - 03:00 GMT


The Boston Bruins will host the New Jersey Devils this week in the NHL on Thursday, March 1st. Their game will be played at 7:00PM. The Boston Bruins were the most recent Stanley Cup Champions, taking the seven game championship last year from the Vancouver Canucks, and winning their first title in forty years. Now, the Boston Bruins are doing well this year once again and may be a contender for the Stanley Cup. Other games that feature division leaders on Thursday include New York Rangers and Carolina, and The Florida Panthers and the Winnipeg Jets.

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The New Jersey Devils are in the Atlantic Division and right now they are in the fourth spot with 74 points. They have 35 wins out of 62 games so far, and have 23 losses with four more losses in overtime. Their record over the last ten is 5-4-1. The Boston Bruins are in first in the Northeast Division, and they have 37 wins out of 61 games played. They have lost 24 games in total with three of them being taken to overtime. Their point total is 77. You can watch live, high quality NHL streams online right from your computer when you sign up for a subscription at the banners on this page.

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Posted: 2nd March 2012

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