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Nashville Predators                          Washington Capitals
Wednesday 21st September 00:00 - 03:00 GMT


As we enter a brand new season of the National Hockey League, with the Boston Bruins taking the Championship last year, all of these teams have a fresh start as we begin an exciting season of NHL action. The series starts up again on Monday, September 19th, with four games being played that day, two of them involving the Nashville Predators and the Panthers. However, the Predators will also be playing a game on Tuesday, September 20th, one of the first games of the day, at 7:00PM with the Washington Capitals. Winnipeg and Columbus and Philly and Toronto will also face off Tuesday at 7:00PM.


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The Predators are currently in second from last year's Central Division standings. They ended up with 44 games won and 27 lost with an 11 OTL and took 99 points home for the season. The division leader, Detroit had 104 points. As for the Washington Capitals, they ended up fourth overall for goals against and took the top spot in the Southeast Division standings, winning 48 games, losing only 23 and taking 107 points by the end of the season. Click on the links on this page and get signed up for your membership. You will get access to high quality video from your computer and streaming NHL anywhere in the world.


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Posted: 21st September 2011

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