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Montreal Canadiens                          Ottawa Senators
Saturday 24th September 00:30 - 03:30 GMT


Friday, September 23rd is a big day for the NHL, being part of the first week of the new season, fresh from the Boston Bruins surprise win of the Stanley Cup against the Vancouver Canucks four games to three last year. On Friday, there are eleven games that are scheduled to be played, and one of those games is the 7:30PM match-up between the Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadiens at Ottawa Senators. The Philadelphia Flyers take on the Detroit Red Wings in another 7:30PM game and then Washington and Chicago will go head to head at 8:00PM all Eastern times.


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The star of the show for Montreal last year was Tomas Plekanec, with the number fourteen Center leading his team to the second spot in the Northeast Standings. The Canadians won 44 games last year and lost only 30 and ended up with 96 points. As for the Ottawa Senators, they were also in the Northeast Division, but all the way at the bottom with just 74 points. Sign up now at the links on this page and you will be able to watch live NHL from your computer via any internet connection, from anywhere on the globe.


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Posted: 24th September 2011

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