Los Angeles Kings v Colorado Avalanche Live

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Los Angeles Kings                          Colorado Avalanche
Monday 31st October 01:00 - 04:00 GMT


The Colorado Avalanche take on the Los Angeles Kings on Sunday, October 30th. It will be Colorado that are hosting this match and it happens at 8:00PM. There are two games on Sunday that will be played in that time slot, the other between the Edmonton Oilers and the St. Louis Blues, and then there are two games earlier that day. One is at 7:30PM and it is between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Ottawa Senators, and an hour earlier the Columbus Blue Jackets will take on the Anaheim Ducks at 6:30PM Eastern.

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The Kings are second in the Pacific Division right now. They have five wins so far, and have earned an overtime loss as well as having two regular losses. That gives them eleven points in all. The Colorado Avalanche are first in the Northwest Division, having won a total of six games so far this season, and losing only three, to give them twelve points. Sign up at the links that you see on this page to watch live NHL right from your own computer. All you need to watch live hockey online is an internet connection. Sign up now for instant access.

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Posted: 31st October 2011

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