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Florida Panthers                          Tampa Bay Lightning
Sunday 5th February 00:00 - 03:00 GMT


On Saturday, February 4th at 7:00PM, the Tampa Bay Lightning will host the Florida Panthers. This game will be one of a bunch that are going to be played on Saturday, including the Vancouver Canucks and the Colorado Avalanche. The Boston Bruins, last year's Stanley Cup Champions are also going to be playing on Saturday, against the Pittsburgh Penguins at 1:00PM and The Los Angeles Kings will travel to the south to take on the Carolina Hurricanes. San Jose and the Phoenix Coyotes face off at 8:00PM and Detroit and Edmonton play at 10PM Eastern.

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The Florida Panthers are at the very top of the Southeast Division with 23 wins out of 49 games played. They have only lost 15 games in regular time and have been able to take 11 losses into overtime. The Tampa Bay Lightning are also in the Southeast Division. However, they take the fourth spot with just 49 points after they won 22 games and had five OT losses. Sign up at the banners and you will get access to live streaming NHL online whenever you want. You'll get access to all of the games through the entire season in high quality.

Posted: 27th November 2011

The Tampa Bay Lightning and the Florida Panthers go head to head on Saturday, November 26th, the second to last of the set of 7:00PM games to be played that day. In fact, most of the eleven games that day are to be played at 7:00PM. The others include the Winnipeg Jets and the Boston Bruins, who are the current defending Stanley Cup Champions, having won four games to three last year against the Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks also play on Saturday, but their game with the San Jose Sharks isn't until 10:00PM.

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Florida leads the Southeast Division with twelve wins and twenty eight points, which gives them a three point lead over their closest competitor, the Washington Capitals. Tampa Bay is after that with twenty two points. They have won ten games so far this season and lost eleven, with two of them giving them bonus points in overtime. You can get your membership at any of the links on this page and you'll get to watch live NHL online from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection to watch streaming hockey year around.

Posted: 24th September 2011

At 7:30PM Eastern Time on Friday, September 23rd the Tampa Bay Lightning will be hosting the Florida Panthers, in a game that will be one of the first played for these teams since the return of the National Hockey League for the 2011-12 season. Last year, the Boston Bruins took out the Vancouver Canucks with a final of four games to three to take home the Stanley Cup, a feat they haven't accomplished since the 1971-72 season. This season, all of the teams have an equal chance to make it to the final and it could start with this very game.

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Last season, Stephen Weiss led the Panthers in points scored, with a total of 49. Florida wasn't able to go far with that however, and they ended up in the very last spot in the Southeast Division standings. The Tampa Bay Lightning were able to make their way to second in the Southeast, with Washington at the top. The Lightning took home 103 Championship points last year. Sign up at the links on this page and you can watch live coverage of the NHL games from your computer. They are available live, in high quality, streaming to you via your internet connection.

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Posted: 5th February 2012

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