Florida Panthers v Detroit Red Wings Live

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Detroit Red Wings                          Florida Panthers
Sunday 1st April 20:00 - 23:00 GMT


On Sunday, April 1st, there are six NHL games being played, and then two more will happen on Monday, April 2nd. The two NHL games that we are featuring are both from Sunday, April 1st. One of those is between the Florida Panthers and the Detroit Red Wings, and it happens at 4:00PM. The venue for this game is the Joe Louis Stadium, in Detroit, Michigan. The last game for Florida was on Thursday, played against Minnesota, and the Florida lost two to three in Overtime. The last game for Detroit was on Wednesday against Columbus.

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The Florida Panthers are the top team in the Southwest Division right now. They have played 78 games thus far and have won 37 of them. 25 more were straight losses and then 16 games they ended up taking into overtime for a total of 90 points. The Red Wings are third in the Central Division with 46 wins and 27 losses, plus five in overtime and they have 97 points. Sign up now and you can get access to high quality video from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is sign up at the banners on this page to get started instantly.

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Posted: 1st April 2012

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