Florida Panthers v Columbus Blue Jackets Live

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Florida Panthers                          Columbus Blue Jackets
Friday 30th March 23:00 - 02:000 GMT


The Florida Panthers and the Columbus Blue Jackets will play at 7:00PM in one of the eight games scheduled for that day in the NHL. There are three games in total that we are featuring, because they have at least one current division leader or top three of a conference playing in them. The second division leader game is at 7:30PM between the Montreal Canadiens and the New York Rangers, and then finally the very last game of the day will feature the 2011 Stanley Cup runners-up the Vancouver Canucks playing the Dallas Stars at 10:00PM.

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We find the Florida Panthers at the top spot in the Southeast Division right now with 37 wins from the 76 games that they have played so far this season. They have 89 points and won their most recent game. Columbus takes the very bottom of the Central Division, already eliminated from the playoffs, Their point total this season so far is 57. You can watch live NHL online from your computer or mobile device. Just click on the banners on this page and sign up. You will get instant access to live, streaming video from anywhere you happen to live.

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Posted: 30th March 2012

Hockey Matches Florida Panthers v Columbus Blue Jackets Live