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Edmonton Oilers                          Vancouver Canucks
Sunday 20th January 21:00 - 24:00


On Sunday, January 20th, the Edmonton Oilers take on the Vancouver Canucks at 9:00PM Eastern. This will be one of the first game of the new season of NHL, with the action starting with 13 games on Saturday, January 21st. Last season, Edmonton was 32-40-10 overall and against their own division they were 8-11-5. They ended up with a total of 42 points by the time the season was over, but were at the very bottom of the Northwest with 82 games played. Chicago and Phoenix are also playing a game that day as well as New York Rangers and Pittsburgh.

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As for the Vancouver Canucks, they had a much better season last year then the other teams in that division. Even though they won their most recent game the one before that was a loss, but for the last ten games that they played they had eight wins, one loss and one OTL. Out of the 82 games played last year, they ended up with 51 wins and 22 losses. They had a total of 9 overtime losses and ended up with 111 points, which was 21 points above what the Calgary team had when the season ended. Colorado was third and Minnesota fourth.

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Posted: 20th January 2013

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