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Dallas Stars                          Minnesota Wild
Wednesday 14th March 00:00 - 03:00 GMT


The last of the four games featuring a division leader happens between the Dallas Stars and the Minnesota Wild on Tuesday, March 13th. That game will be at 8:00PM and will be joined by the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Florida Panthers at 7:30PM, Boston Bruins versus the Tampa Bay Lightning and Carolina taking on the New York Rangers. Also at 9:30PM, the San Jose Sharks will go up against the Calgary Flames, and in the very last game of the day, the Los Angeles Kings will host the Detroit Red Wings at 10:30PM.

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The Dallas Stars come in at third in the Western Standings. They have 69 games played and 38 of them turning out to be a win. They also have twenty six losses, with five taken to overtime. The Minnesota Wild are currently in thirteenth place. They have 69 points right now, which ties them with the Anahim Ducks. They lost their most recent game. Sign up now at the banners that you see on this page and you will be able to watch live, high quality video oft these events anywhere in the world. Just click on the banners to get started instantly.

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Posted: 14th March 2012

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