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Columbus Blue Jackets                          San Jose Sharks
Sunday 11th March 01:00 - 04:00 GMT


The St. Louis Blues will be hosting the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday, March 10th, in a game that will be joined by a whole schedule of games that day, including three others that feature an NHL division leader. These two teams will be clashing at 8:00PM. Another 8:00PM game that is played on Saturday is between Anaheim and the Dallas Stars . Then, the two teams who made up the Stanley Cup finals last year play at opposite ends of the schedule, the Boston Bruins and Washington at 1:00PM and Vancouver and Montreal at 10:00PM.


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Right now, the St Louis Blues are leading the Central Division with 43 wins and 25 losses, with seven of those losses taken to overtime. They have a 7-3-0 record over the last ten games played. As for the Columbus Blue Jackets, they are on that same divisional table, but down at the bottom. They have 22 wins and 45 losses, with seven going to overtime as well. St. Louis has 93 points, while Columbus has just 51. You can watch live NHL online from your own computer, when you sign up for streaming NHL at the banners on this page.


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Posted: 11th March 2012

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