Columbus Blue Jackets v Dallas Stars Live

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Columbus Blue Jackets                          Dallas Stars
Sunday 16th October 01:00 - 04:00 GMT


On Saturday, October 15th, the Columbus Blue Jackets visit the Dallas Stars in Texas at 8:00PM as we begin the new season of NHL. This game will be joined by two more 8:00PM games and one match that happens at 8:30. At 8PM, the New Jersey Devils play the Predators in Nashville, and the Minnesota Wild host the Detroit Red Wings. The 8:30PM game features the Stanley Cup defending champions the Boston Bruins going up against the Chicago Blackhawks. On Sunday, St. Louis will play the Ducks at Anaheim.

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Columbus is at the very bottom of the Central Division standings. They have not been able to win a single game this season, and three of there losses were straight losses, with only one in OT. That gives them just one points. Dallas and St. Louis went head to head on Thursday, and Dallas came off better three points to two. Dallas leads the Pacific Division. You can watch live, high quality video coverage of NHL events on your computer when you sign up for a subscription to live streaming NHL Online, from anywhere in the world.

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Posted: 16th October 2011

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