Chicago Blackhawks v Detroit Red Wings Live

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Chicago Blackhawks                          Detroit Red Wings
Sunday 25th September 22:00 - 01:00 GMT


The Detroit Red Wings will host the Chicago Blackhawks in the first week of the preseason for the National Hockey League. The Boston Bruins are the defending champions, having won the Stanley Cup last year after a more than 40 years of never having lifted the trophy. They were able to take out the Vancouver Canucks with a final score of four games to three. Our featured game between Chicago and Detroit will happen on Sunday, September 25th and it starts at 5:00PM Eastern. Also, Boston and Montreal will play that day at 6:00PM and Vancouver hosts San Jose at 9:00PM on Sunday.


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Both of these teams are in the Central Division. Detroit had the top spot after winning 47 games and losing only 25. They earned a total of 104 points. As for the Chicago Blackhawks, they ended up in the standings at the third slot. They won 38 games and lost 33 and earned themselves 97 points beating St. Louis and Columbus in the Central Division. All you have to do to get access to NHL online, right from your computer or mobile device is to click on the links on this page and fill out the form. Your subscription gives you a full year of access to hockey online.


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Posted: 25th September 2011

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