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Carolina Hurricanes                          New York Rangers
Tuesday 13th March 23:30 - 02:30 GMT


On Tuesday, March 13th, the Carolina Hurricanes and the New York Rangers face off in a 7:30PM game that will happen amidst several other NHL games being played that day. There are two 7:00PM games before this one starts, one between the Washington Capitals and the New York Islanders, and the other featuring the New Jersey Devils, and the Philadelphia Flyers. Boston and Tampa Bay also face off at 7:30PM on Tuesday, as do the Dallas Stars and the Minnesota Wild. St. Louis and Chicago will go head to head at 8:30PM.

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The New York Rangers take the top spot in the Eastern Standings with 68 NHL games played and 43 wins so far. They have 18 losses plus seven taken to overtime. They have 93 points right now and a 5-3-2 record over the last ten. As for the Carolina Hurricanes, they come in at thirteenth with only 26 wins and 28 losses for a grand total of sixty seven points won. You can watch live NHL online from your computer or your mobile device. Just sign at the membership links on this page to get started with your year long subscription.

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Posted: 13th March 2012

Hockey Matches Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers Live