Carolina Hurricanes v New Jersey Devils Live

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Carolina Hurricanes                          New Jersey Devils
Monday 10th October 18:00 - 21:00 GMT


On Monday, October 10th, NHL action continues with the Caroline Hurricanes visiting the New Jersey Devils in a game at 1:00PM. There are three games played on Monday at the same time, one between Colorado and Boston and the other at New York featuring the Islanders and the Minnesota Wild. Calgary and St. Louis play at 2:00PM and then Phoenix and Dallas will go head to head at 6PM that day. At 7PM, Tampa Bay and Washington will meet with the final game of the day also at 7PM between the Vancouver Canucks and the Columbus Blue Jackets.


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Tampa Bay played Carolina most recently on Friday, October 7th. The game ended in favor of the Lightning which makes them now the leaders of the Southeast with Carolina in second. New Jersey is at the bottom of the Atlantic division for now, but only because most teams haven't played. Pittsburgh and Philly are the only two teams on the board with a score right now. Sign up at the banners and you can watch live hockey online from your computer. Just click on the links on this page and get your membership for access to live streaming NHL online.


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Posted: 10th October 2011

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