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Calgary Flames                          Montreal Canadiens
Friday 14th October 00:30 - 03:30 GMT


On Thursday, October 13th, the Montreal Canadiens host the Calgary Flames at 7:30PM. This match will be the second week of NHL action as we start a brand new season. The Boston Bruins last year took the Stanley Cup, after beating the Vancouver Canucks four games to three, winning their first championship in nearly forty years. This year, we will see who is able to make it to the finals. Other games being played at 7:30PM on Thursday include Colorado at Ottawa and the Detroit Red Wings hosting the Vancouver Canucks.


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Calgary and Montreal come to us from the Nothwest and Northeast Divisions respectively. The Flames are at the very bottom of the standings, having lost the only game that they have played, and earning no points. As for Montreal, they are also without points so far this season, tied at the bottom with the Ottawa Senators. The Northeast is currently led by Buffalo and Toronto who each have four points. You can watch live coverage of this match as well as hockey online from your computer or your mobile device, no matter where you live in the world.


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Posted: 14th October 2011

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