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Boston Bruins                          Ottawa Senators
Thursday 5th April 23:30 - 02:30 GMT


On Thursday, April 5th, we will see the Boston Bruins take on the Ottawa Senators in a game that is scheduled to happen at 7:30PM. This match-up will happen at the Scotiabank Place in Ontario. This game will be joined by some other division leader events like a 7:00PM Eastern match between the New York Rangers and the Pittsburgh Penguins and a game at the Verizon Center between the Florida Panthers and the Washington Capitals. Also, at 10:30PM on Thursday, San Jose takes on the Los Angeles Kings.

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The Boston Bruins are looking like they are in a good position to make another run for the Stanley Cup. They have taken the top spot in the Northeast Standings right now with 80 games played and 47 wins out of those 80. They have 29 losses, plus four losses that they managed to get into overtime. Ottawa is in second with 41 wins and 29 losses. They have 92 points, which gives them a six point deficit to get into the top spot. Click on the banners or links that you see on this page and we will get you signed up for your subscription to watch streaming hockey online from your computer.

Posted: 15th December 2011

The Ottawa Senators will host the Boston Bruins, the defending champions of the Stanley Cup. They beat the Vancouver Canucks four games to three last year and now they will take on the Ottawa Senators on Wednesday, December 14th at 7:30PM. The other 7:30PM game also features a division leader, between the Minnesota Wild and the Chicago Blackhawks. The last scheduled game of the day on Wednesday is between the Phoenix Coyotes and the Anaheim Ducks and it will happen at 10:00PM, Eastern Time.

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The Boston Bruins take the top spot in the Northeast Division Standings right now. They have eighteen wins and ten losses with one of them in overtime, for a total of 36 regular points and one bonus point. The Ottawa Senators are in last place in the Northeast Division Standings. They have been able to win thirteen games, but lost seventeen with four in overtime, for a total of 30 points. You can watch live coverage of NHL games online right from your computer or mobile device. All you have to do is click on the links on this page.

Posted: 22nd September 2011

On Wednesday, September 21st the action of the National Hockey League will begin again. Technically, the season begins with four games on Monday the 19th, but there are ten games scheduled on Wednesday, including our featured game, between the Boston Bruins and the Ottawa Senators. The game happens at 7:30PM and is significant because it is the first game that Boston has played this season, and they are coming back with a history after winning the Stanley Cup last year, a feat they hadn't achieved since the 1971-72 season of the National Hockey League.

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It should come as no surprise that the Boston Bruins ended up at the top of the Northeast Division standings, with their top player David Krejci, who scored 62 points for the team. Jason Spezza was the top scorer for the Ottawa Senators, and they took last on the very same division table, only earnings 74 points after winning 32 games and losing 40. Click on the links on this page and get your membership. You will be able to watch streaming live hockey online, no matter where you happen to be. All you need is a subscription and any internet connection.

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Posted: 5th April 2012

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