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Boston Bruins                          Anaheim Ducks
Monday 26th March 00:00 - 03:00 GMT


On Sunday, March 25th, the NHL action continues with a game between the Boston Bruins and the Anaheim Ducks. This is the second to last game scheduled for the day, and is supposed to be played at 8:00PM. There is another game that features a division leader played an hour later at 9:00PM between the St. Louis Blues and the Phoenix Coyotes. The other only featured game happening that day is earlier in the afternoon between the New York Islanders and the Florida Panthers. New Jersey and Pittsburgh and Nashville and Chicago play in between those times.

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The Boston Bruins are first in the Northeast Division with 42 wins and 28 losses. They have only been able to take three losses into overtime, but they have 87 points right now and a comfortable three points lead over the Ottawa Senators. The Anaheim Ducks are the last team in the Pacific Division, with only 32 wins so far this season, and 32 losses. They have 75 points after taking an eleven additional losses to overtime. Sign up at the banners that are on this page and you can watch live, high quality video from anywhere in the world, right from your own computer.

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Posted: 26th March 2012

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