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We are about to enter another amazing season of the National Hockey League, the 2011-2012 season which will be the 95th that the franchise has been in operation and the fifth one in a row that will once again be in Europe with the NHL Premier games being held. There are four of those European NHL Premiere games being held this year, one of them in the capital city of Germany, another in Helsinki, Finland and then Stockholm, Sweden will be the site of two of the European games. The regular season with begin in October and will end with the final on April 7th.

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Last year Vancouver ended up in the top spot in the standings, with 54 wins out out of 82 games played. Washington came in second and Philadelphia was third with 47 games won. We had Pittsburgh from the Atlantic Division and San Jose from the Pacific end up in fourth and fifth on the standings last year, and then Detroit won 47 games and lost only 25 to take the sixth spot on the table. Boston of the Northeast Division is in seventh and then Tampa Bay comes in eighth. The last two in the top ten last year were Anaheim and the Nashville Predators.

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Posted: 16th September 2011

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