Website Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it legal to watch online streams at Watch Live NHL?

It is completely legal to watch games over the internet at Watch Live NHL. We do not offer streams from any websites that provide illegal content or service and instead provide our subscribers with a way to watch online hockey streams that are legal. Out service provides you with the ability to watch hockey games from anywhere around the world encompassing NHL games all season long.

What Does My Subscription Give Me?

When you sign up for a subscription to, you receive access to our members only area, where we provide you with an easy to use network of links that will allow you to easily find and watch, or even record, the games that you want to watch. You'll get some bonus services in addition to live NHL games, like information about how to watch other sporting events that you may be interested in, or in some cases television shows and movies online.

Some of these NHL events are only available through cable or satellite television service, or only from certain areas of the world. Instead of having limited abilities to watch these events, you'll be able to access them on your computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world. Whether your traveling, dealing with local blackout service or any of the other issues that keep you from watching your hockey games, Watch Live NHL always gives you access.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment?

All you need is an internet connection and a computer or other internet enabled device capable of video to stream it on. You do not need a high end computer and there is no extra equipment that is necessary to watch live hockey online.

Is a High Speed Internet Connection a Necessity?

Although a broadband connection will make viewing your favorite hockey games much more enjoyable, it is not necessary to have one to watch live streams from our member's area. You can stream these games most of the time using a dial-up connection if necessary.

Can I Share my Account?

Unfortunately, we do not allow users to share accounts, for security reasons. Our system tracks your IP address when you log in and your online activity to determine if anyone is sharing your account. If it it determined that your account is not abiding by our Terms of Service, then we may choose to suspend your account. No refund will be given.

How Are Payments Processed on Watch Live NHL?

Our payments are processed security by Plimus, a service that is used by millions of websites to protect users and website owners.

Do I Need to Live in the United States to Access Live Hockey Online?

You can access the live streams from our member's area from anywhere on the planet, provided you have an internet connection.

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How do I get Started?

It is easy to sign up, Simply click on any of the banners on this page to get instant access to our member's area and the live hockey games that you want to watch. If for some reason you encounter a technical issue, click on the Contact Us link and let us know. We will work to resolve your issue as soon as possible, usually in 24-48 hours depending upon whether you request assistance on a weekend or holiday.

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